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Are you looking for the right Medicare Supplement Plan for your needs and your budget? Ankley Insurance Services specializes in helping Seniors with their Medicare needs. As seasoned insurance agent for over 40 years and a Medicare recipient himself, Harvey Ankley can help answer your questions and help you find the right solutions for your situation, better than most. Whether you are looking for a Medicare Supplement, Part D Prescription Drug coverage or you would like to see what Medicare Advantage plans are available to you, Harvey Ankley can help. Give him a call today!

Here you will find some basic information that might help you understand Medicare a little better and what options are available to you to supplement your Medicare benefits.

What is Medicare?

Established in 1965 under the Lyndon B. Johnson administration, Medicare is National Healthcare for Americans over the age 65 and some under 65 with certain disabilities. Medicare was established to cover about 80% of the medical expenses of covered benefits.

The two main categories of Medicare are:

  • Part A: which mainly covers Hospital expenses
  • Part B: which mainly covers medically necessary non-hospital services, like out-patient care, doctor visits and labs and x-rays.

What is Part D?

Part D coverage or Prescription drug coverage was established under the Bush Administration. It was established to give seniors affordable prescription drug coverage and strict oversight by the Federal Government to help standardize drug plans and protect seniors from fraud and abuse. This coverage is optional and can be purchased for a monthly premium. Premiums vary by company and can range from around $15 per month to around $100 per month. Determining the best plan for you is mainly achieved by comparing the drugs you are currently taking to the drugs that are offered by the Part D plans. Then comparing the monthly premium, and cost-sharing attributes to the policy.

Harvey Ankley Insurance can help you find the best Part D plan for your needs.

What is a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is insurance provided by private insurance companies to “supplement” original medicare and help pay the 20% or so of covered medical expenses that Medicare does not pay for. The Federal Government has created a “standard” of plan designs that insurance companies have to offer. There are several Medicare Supplemental Plans to choose from, however, Plan F is by far the most popular plan seniors choose, because, Plan F has the most comprehensive coverage of all the plans offered. The Plan F benefits are the exact same basic benefits regardless of the insurance company that sells it. This is to help simplify the choices and help prevent confusion for seniors. Monthly premium and service are the main factors that go into choosing the right Medicare Supplemental Insurance plan.

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